Energetic, Enthusiastic, Engaging

Kimberly Douglas lights up the room with high-energy, high-impact programs.

You can feel the spark the moment Kimberly Douglas steps in front of your audience. But more to the point, you can still feel it long after she leaves! This vibrant and gifted speaker and trainer draws out the natural energy and enthusiasm in your team and helps them direct it toward tangible, get-it-done-now business goals.

Based on her experiences as a strategic planning and team effectiveness facilitator for Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations, Kimberly brings engaging, informative keynote programs and workshops to any group. Her keynotes address real-world issues facing business leaders, and culminate in customized takeaways that can instantly improve your organization.

If you book Kimberly for a speech or workshop, she'll tailor the content for your organization. See below for an at-a-glance menu, and then visit the respective links to learn more!

Keynote Presentations (Click here for more details!)

Lighting the Way to the Mountain: Catapult Effectiveness and Capture Creativity as You Plan for the Future
  • Determine what road your team is on and laser-focus on the mountain in the distance you are trying to climb.
  • Swat the SWOT with the higher-efficacy Force Field analysis.
  • Learn the collaborative way, and create an action plan like you've never had before!
White-Hot Innovation Igniters: Five Ways to Spark Creativity and Channel it into Tangible Business Results
  • Learn a proven process to search for untapped talent on your team.
  • Know how to encourage productive conflict – a.k.a "creative abrasion

The Firefly Owners Club: Secrets for Kindling Accountability in the People Who Make the Magic

  • Inspire individual responsibility within teams
  • Stimulate brainstorming, not "blamestorming".
  • Motivate people to approach work as leaders, not victims

Workshops (Click each workshop for more detail!)

Leaders That Light the Way
Conquer Team Dysfunction and Become a Super-Effective Team Leader 
(1/2 - 1 Day)
The Whole-Brain Brigade
Create a Team of Individuals Who Put Their Whole Brain to Work Using HBDI 
(1/2– 1 Day)
Meetings That Sizzle
Fantastic, Get-Results-Fast Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders 
(1 Day)
The Art of Creative Abrasion
How to Move Your Team from Dysfunctional Conflict to Productive Dialog 
(1 Day)
The Prepared Problem-Solver
Pack Your Problem-Solving Tool Kit and Make Yourself Indispensable 
(1/2 - 1 Day)
Asking For Accountability
How Asking The Right Questions Can Transform Companies and Careers 
(1/2 - 1 Day)
Success Secrets of a Strategic Facilitator
How to Enhance Your Value to Your Organization and Shore Up Your Career
(2 Days)
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