Leaders That Light the Way: Conquer Team Dysfunction and Become a Super-Effective Team Leader (1/2 - 1 Day)

If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time. To help you accomplish this goal, Kimberly will train your leaders in what it takes to build a high-impact, cohesive team that achieves results. Using the model and tools for team effectiveness based on Lencionis best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, she will teach your leaders how to:
  •     Establish a deeper level of trust amongst team members
  •     Encourage and support productive conflict
  •     Achieve clarity and closure on critical decisions
  •     Embrace accountability for every team member
  •     Focus on collective outcomes

The Whole-Brain Brigade: Create a Team of Individuals Who Put Their Whole Brain To Work Using the HBDI (1/2- 1 Day)

Are you "Putting Your Whole Brain to Work?" Do you know what your thinking style is - and what your strengths and potential blind spots might be? Do you think it would be valuable to know how other people think - and how you can enhance your communications with them for a better end result? If so, let FireFly Facilitation engage you in an interactive, fun and informative exercise, based on the worlds leading thinking styles assessment tool, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI).
  • Understand our individual thinking styles
  • Learn what our strengths and potential blind spots are - as individuals and as a team
  • Discover the impact of our thinking styles on how we communicate
  • Apply this knowledge to a real life team situation, such as improving team meetings, overcoming conflict, creatively solving critical business problems, enhancing team members presentation capabilities, and more!

Meetings That Sizzle: Fantastic, Get-Results-Fast Facilitation Skills For Team Leaders (1 Day)

Too many meetings, too little time. So how do you ensure that each meeting you lead produces the results you expect? By understanding the fundamentals of group dynamics and the appropriate use of facilitation tools. By applying a structured approach to creating your agenda. And finally, by learning new techniques for brainstorming, idea evaluation, and action planning. (After all, the objective of an effective meeting is to meet an objective!)
  • Create an environment to get the best thinking from all team members
  • Analyze alternatives and reach decisions that have everyones commitment
  • Capture meeting outcomes through effective flipchart techniques
  • Develop concrete action plans in a way that ensures accountability

The Art of Creative Abrasion: How to Move Your Team from Dysfunctional Conflict to Productive Dialog (1 Day)

In order to reap the advantages of "creative abrasion" - i.e. diverse thinking on the team - we must first understand and then capitalize on each members unique approach to dealing with issues. Based on this knowledge we can forge a team process for effectively dealing with conflict, resulting in decisions that represent the best thinking of the team and that each person commits to implementing.
  •     Discover each team members preferences for dealing with conflict and the overall team conflict profile
  •     Establish a set of norms around how the members will engage one another in conflict
  •     Test and refine these norms using a current critical business issue
  •     Reach agreement on a process for tracking the teams performance in this area and how to course correct

The Prepared Problem-Solver: Pack Your Problem-Solving Tool Kit and Make Yourself Indispensable (1/2 - 1 Day)

How can you do more with less? How can you contribute to revenues while cutting costs? Innovative problem solving can make you indispensable. So here's your chance to dispense with the old rules and pack your problem solving toolkit with tools you can really use. In this high-energy, high-impact session, you will:
  • Learn a structured creative process for finding solutions, using tools such as DeBonos Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking. Emerging from this session, you'll have a new tool to problem solve at home, at work, and at will to build bottom-line results.
  • Impact a real life team or company problem. Kimberly will identify a current critical business issue and use our new tools and processes to develop a more creative solution than you could have imagined.
  • Increase the cohesiveness of the team. Nothing bonds a team like solving challenges together, recognizing and capitalizing on the unique capabilities of each member - and having fun during the process!

Asking For Accountability: How Asking The Right Questions Can Transform Companies and Careers (1/2 - 1 Day)

Who dropped the ball? When are my people going to learn how to communicate? Why cant this team ever get it right? Transforming finger pointing into positive, problem-solving action begins with the questions we ask ourselves. John Miller, author of the book QBQ, shows how to ask a different question - the Question Behind the Question. When you understand how to ask the QBQ, you will be more energized and effective. Whether you are the team leader or a team member, youll know the deep satisfaction of taking responsibility for your own life.
  • Inspire individual responsibility within teams
  • Illustrate the benefits of actively participating in change
  • Stimulate brainstorming, not "blamestorming"
  • Motivate people to approach work as leaders, not victims

Success Secrets of a Strategic Facilitator: How to Enhance Your Value To Your Organization and Shore Up Your Cour Career (2 Days)are

Do you want to guide senior leaders in making a critical decision? Do you know two departments struggling with unproductive conflict? Then attend this course to enhance your value to the organization as a strategic facilitator. From conducting a robust needs assessment to executing a follow up strategy, you will be equipped for success using the four phases of Strategic Facilitation. Building on the fundamentals of group dynamics and facilitation tools, you will have an opportunity to plan, practice, and receive coaching to cement ongoing success.
  • Create clear session objectives based on your needs assessment findings
  • Know when and how to optimally use Kimberlys Top 16 Tools and Technique
  • Develop a detailed facilitators agenda to ensure you achieve the session objectives
  • Share strategies for identifying organizational needs and marketing yourself as a valuable resource
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