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Professional Facilitation Services

Strategic Planning
Maximize outcomes and team commitment to execution at your next Annual Planning or Management Retreat.
Team Effectiveness
Boost day-to-day effectiveness through team development that goes beyond traditional team-building for lasting impact.
Capitalize on creative thinking to leverage brainstorming sessions and spark business innovation.

Facilitate Team Development | Facilitate Business

FireFly Facilitates Results

High ROI. Highly functioning teams. That’s what the current business climate demands of your 
company and your people. Fortunately, there’s FireFly Facilitation, delivering a high 
performance, no nonsense approach to team development in the workplace. The result is 
more effective strategic planning, innovation and day-to- day team effectiveness.

Companies across North America turn to FireFly Facilitation for its expertise in team 
development, understanding of group dynamics and proven ability to facilitate decision- 
making around critical objectives.

We facilitate teams, so you can focus on results.

Kimberly Douglas, SHRM-SCP, CPF

Kimberly Douglas, SHRM-SCP, CPF, President of FireFly Facilitation, Inc. is a nationally recognized team development expert and facilitator. Using her knowledge of industrial/organizational psychology plus her real-life consulting and corporate HR executive experience, she has collaborated with hundreds of leaders over the last twenty-five years – at organizations such as AT&, Coca-Cola, United Way, UPS and the US Marine Corps – to dramatically improve team development and performance. more

President of FireFly Facilitation, Inc., Kimberly Douglas SHRM-SCP is a nationally recognized team effectiveness expert.

Capitalize on team development, manage conflict and harness creativity with 
The FireFly Effect (Wiley).

"The Firefly Effect is a must-read for anyone who manages teams or is a member of one. Author Kimberly Douglas literally shines a light on the importance of appreciating differences, recognizing accountability, and embracing conflict as a force for change. Implementing the techniques in this book will allow any business-big or small- to thrive."
Laura Grams
Director, CDO Global Learning Solutions
Cisco Systems

Firefly Facilitation Blog

By Kimberly Douglas 13 Jul, 2016

When archers draw a bow, they’re far more accurate when they zero in on the bull’s-eye than when they broadly aim to hit the target.

 The same applies in golf. When players concentrate on landing the ball at a specific spot near the pin, their shots are more precise than when they target the green in general.

What’s true for archery and golf translates to strategic planning as well. The sharper your focus is, then the smaller your margin for error will be when you execute. Put simply, “Aim small; miss small.”

What can you do practically to shrink the scope of your goals so that you’re laser focused?

If everything is important…then nothing is. Identify the three strategic priorities for you team. Don’t get bogged down on specific verbiage, but make sure everyone agrees with and can articulate your strategic priorities.

Knowing what not to do   can be just as important as knowing where you’re going. What distractions will tempt you to veer from your strategic priorities? Dialog about them, and list them. Instill in your team that these activities are taboo.

Decide upon metrics. What is unmeasured goes undone. Set your criteria for success. Don’t feel constrained by numbers—qualitative goals have every bit as much merit as quantitative ones. However, make sure your metrics are simple and concrete.

Track performance together. Evaluating results as a team provides instant accountability—no one wants to look bad in front of peers. Also, talking through results helps you to decipher problems or opportunities buried beneath the facts and figures.

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