First, Kimberly Douglas helps you decide where you're going. Then, she draws you a map, hands out the energy snacks and lights a fire under your team.

Lewis Carroll said it best, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." Its true. If you're like many companies, you've spent years wandering down paths that lead to nowhere in particular.

FireFly Facilitation will set you on a new journey. President Kimberly Douglas is a master strategic facilitator who helps organizations identify their goals, laser-focus their efforts and energize their teams. And once you get your employees committed and working together, you will see tangible, measurable results—almost instantly.

She's spent over 20 years providing strategic planning & focusing and team effectiveness facilitation to Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations. (That means shes been able to harvest best practices from lots of different industries.) Her customized facilitation process—which results in clear, get-it-done-fast deliverables—amazes clients. They often tell her that she gets more done in two days than other facilitators do in a week!

Kimberly brings a fresh outside perspective, coupled with experience and know-how, that can re-energize your company. She will:
  • Do extensive "homework" up front, so that you don't waste valuable time in the session getting her up to speed. (In other words, she's able to hit the ground running!)
  • Work with you to customize the FireFly process, choosing exactly the right tools and techniques that best suit your people and the results you seek.
  • Facilitate truly open dialog in an engaging, entertaining and fun way.
  • Maintain control of the session, working through the conflict and reaching a decision all can commit to (yes, that's commitment, not mere compliance!).
  • Perform "high-level, high-wire" facilitation that reconciles the needs and desires of strong, highly opinionated people with divergent goals.
  • Know when to change or even abandon the agenda and adapt to the changing dynamics of the group or the situation – all for the purpose of achieving your chosen objectives.
Read on to learn more. Whether you choose Kimberly for one or both types of facilitation, you'll find your company making real progress – faster than you ever dreamed possible.

What Clients Are Saying

  • Ed Wolff Vice President, Human Resources, Place Properties

    "I have known and worked with Kimberly for almost 10 years at 3 companies while serving in an HR leadership capacity. In each situation, Kimberly exhibited passion, energy, and delivered results. I could not have done it without her help!"

  • Robert E. Payne, Jr. Human Resources Director, The Coca-Cola Company

    "Kimberly, you are such an effective facilitator. I know from experience what an art it is to think on your feet and create learning out of what sometimes feels like confusion. You do that so effectively. The ideas and growth that our session created will definitely make a difference in team effectiveness and global thinking. Thank you for your partnership and commitment. It makes all of us successful."

  • Rodger Overton CIO, Regions Bank

    "Through Kimberly's abundant energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge, we realigned several disparate IT departments with a common focus to significantly improve internal and external customer relations."

  • Stephen Passalacqua Vice President of Field Marketing, McKesson Corporation

    "Our CEO customers wanted to move to a more interactive format for our annual leadership summit, so we adopted a roundtable approach. The discussions needed to be centered around strategic healthcare issues. Kimberly was a key element in working with our team to establish processes, moderator training and roundtable program deployment. Post program surveys showed that our attendees deemed the roundtables to be highly successful."

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