Words of Wisdom from FireFly's Founder

Kimberly Douglas has written many articles on what it takes to create effective teams and thriving organizations. Click the links below to read a few of them and to learn more about her approach.

"Strategic Focusing to Catapult Results: FireFly Facilitation"

Did you know that one of the reasons the population of fireflies appears to be diminishing is because of ambient light or "light pollution"? There are too many distractions. All these other bright lights keep fireflies from performing at their best. How similar and true for the people on our own teams, if we don't have a common vision of success to focus our time, attention, and resources. Read more.

"A Vision for Success: Seeing Eye to Eye"

How's your vision? And how is the vision of your company? Leaders play an incredibly important role in articulating and effectively communicating a vision for success. And, just as importantly, enlisting their organizations to make that vision a reality. But what is this thing called vision and why is it so important? Read more.

"Facilitating Connections: A Networking Warm-up"

Does building a good network of contacts seem out of reach? Leave you cold? Its time to light a fire under any hesitation you have and warm up to the fact that effective networking is within your grasp. What if you could learn from the best practices of others? Plug into the business community as a new resident? Find your ideal job? Build your business? Boost your visibility in the market? Kimberly Douglas offers these tips to get you started. Read more.
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